Wholesale Abs 360 Degree Carry On 4 Trolley Travel Suitcase Sets Hard Shell Luggage Trolley Bag Sets

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Universal caster is a standard size, with high load-bearing capacity and 360-degree horizontal rotation. It can help the transfer of goods, while keeping the stability of the product.

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  • Place of Origin: China
  • Supply Ability: 9999 piece per Month
  • Brand: Shire
  • Name: ABS Luggage
  • Wheel: Four
  • Trolley: Metal
  • Lining: 210D
  • Lock: Normal lock
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    The universal caster is the so-called movable caster. Its structure allows horizontal 360-degree rotation. The caster is a general term, including movable casters and fixed casters. The fixed casters have no rotating structure and cannot rotate horizontally but can only rotate vertically.

    These two kinds of casters are generally used in combination. For example, the structure of the trolley is two fixed wheels in the front, and two movable universal wheels in the back near the push armrest.


    How to choose caster bearings for ABS luggage


    Selection of caster bearings

    The application of casters is very extensive, and almost any industry is designed. According to the needs of different industries, people are constantly inventing all kinds of casters. There are about 150,000 different casters used in various industries in the world. Caster bearings are very important for casters.


    There are many kinds of bearings used in casters, without which the caster loses its value. Therefore, we suggest that the ideal bearing should be suitable for the respective application and ensure the necessary safety margin. In addition to the wheel surface, wheel diameter and swivel bearing, the wheel bearing determines the mobility of the caster, even this Only the quality of the casters.


    For different use environments, there are different requirements. The casters used in factories are different from those used by commercial firms. The casters used in tool carts are different from the light casters used in hospital beds. The requirements of casters used in shopping carts are definitely completely different from those used in factories. those casters used to carry heavy loads. Generally speaking, there are the following four kinds of bearings:


    Terling Bearings: Terling is a special engineering plastic, suitable for wet and corrosive places, with average rotation flexibility and high resistance.

    Roller bearing: The heat-treated roller bearing can carry heavier loads and has general rotation flexibility.

    Ball bearing: The ball bearing made of high-quality bearing steel can carry heavier loads and is suitable for occasions requiring flexible and quiet rotation.

    Plane bearing: suitable for high and extra high load and high speed occasions.


    Choice of casters

    Usually choose a suitable wheel frame to first consider the weight of the casters, such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places, because the floor is good, smooth and the goods to be handled are light, (each caster is carried at 10-140kg) , It is suitable to choose the electroplating wheel frame stamped and formed by thin steel plate (2-4mm). The wheel frame is light, flexible, quiet and beautiful. This electroplating wheel frame is divided into double-row balls and single-row balls according to the ball arrangement. Or use double rows of beads when handling.

    In factories, warehouses and other places, where goods are frequently transported and the load is heavy (each caster carries 280-420kg), it is suitable to use thick steel plate (5-6 mm) stamping, hot forging and welding of double-row ball wheels. shelf.

    If it is used to transport heavy objects such as textile factories, automobile factories, machinery factories, etc., due to the heavy load and long walking distance in the factory (each caster carries 350kg-1200kg), thick steel plates (8-1200kg) should be selected. 12mm) The wheel frame welded after cutting, the movable wheel frame uses plane ball bearings and ball bearings on the bottom plate, so that the casters can bear heavy loads, rotate flexibly, and have functions such as impact resistance.

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