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In the suitcase market, there are mainly three variations of products: leather/sheepskin, hard and soft suitcase. Leather cases are generally made of cow leather, cow skin, PU leather or PVC film. Hard suitcases are mostly made of ABS plastic material with PC materials.

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  • Place of Origin: China
  • Supply Ability: 9999 piece per Month
  • Brand: Shire
  • Name: ABS Luggage
  • Wheel: Four
  • Trolley: Metal
  • Lining: 210D
  • Lock: Normal lock
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    Mainstream luggage types and advantages and disadvantages in the market


    At present, the suitcases in the domestic market are mainly divided into three types according to their materials: leather cases (cow leather, sheepskin, PU leather and others), hard cases (pc/abs, ABS, PC) and soft cases (canvas or Oxford cloth). Among them, the biggest disadvantage of suitcases is that (poor practicality) is greater than the advantage (luxury). For ordinary consumers, they are flashy, very easy to scratch and damage, difficult to repair or the repair cost is high, and now most airlines are very common for the brutal loading and unloading of luggage, so leather suitcases have no more prominent advantages except that they are more pleasing to the eye in color and appearance! Then comes the soft suitcase. As a soft suitcase, although it is more practical and wear-resistant than a leather suitcase, the rain proof effect is not as good as a hard suitcase, and it is not easy to put fragile items. Therefore, the current mainstream products of some suitcase brands are basically hard suitcases, which are resistant to pressure, fall, rain and water, and also have a beautiful appearance.


    The choice of Hard boxes is also exquisite, and pc/abs is the first choice


    In fact, there are many kinds of materials for hard suitcases. The mainstream materials in the market are as follows:




    The main characteristics of ABS luggage are that compared with other materials, it is lighter, the surface is more flexible and rigid, and the impact resistance is better to protect the items inside. It feels soft and does not feel strong. In fact, it is indeed very flexible, but the problem of “whitening” of ABS hard luggage due to external force collision is the main reason to limit its extensive use; In addition, it is easy to have scratches. After several times of collision during business trip or travel, there will be spots on the surface of the box. Many medium and low-end boxes on Taobao are mainly made of this material.




    The main characteristics of pure PC bags are fall resistance, water resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance and fashion. It can be said that it is much stronger than ABS, and it is the strongest of the boxes. The surface is smooth and good-looking. However, the surface cleaning of PC hard boxes is inconvenient due to the stress cracking of plates and low chemical resistance. Moreover, the self weight of the boxes is relatively heavy, and the pure PC in the hard box market is also a minority material.




    Pc/abs can combine the advantages of both materials and is the main material used by luggage manufacturers such as Samsonite in recent years. It not only maintains the rigidity of PC, but also improves the processability, stress cracking and chemical resistance of PC, and is easy to paint and color. It can also carry out secondary processing such as metal spraying, electroplating, hot pressing and bonding on the surface, which can make the bags on the market present multi colors, multi styles and multi plans.


    Therefore, the suitcase of pc/abs is not only portable and beautiful, but also can better protect users’ valuable luggage (laptop, iPad and other fragile items), which is a necessary equipment for business travel.

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